Growing up in the South African bushveld, I often took my understanding and appreciation of nature for granted. After moving to the Cape in the pursuit of obtaining a drama degree, I came to realise just how integral the natural elements were for both my physical and mental well being. I fumbled through a dark theatre for a year, after which I took a wild leap in the direction of environmental studies at the university of Stellenbosch. Through this journey, I’ve become frustrated with the level of ignorance regarding environmental concerns and concepts spread across social media. Although my Facebook rantings were capable of reaching a large audience, I felt the platform lacked creative substance. Hence the blog (tadaa!). Most posts focus on a variety of environmentally related topics ranging from how humans fit into the environment, exciting discoveries and advancements, (the obvious) climate change, evolutionary biology and so forth. I am by no means an expert, but hope that these blogs are both informative, accurate and somewhat entertaining  🙂